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Mount Anville Primary School is a large girls’ primary school with the heart of Christ as our living inspiration. It is situated in Stillorgan, a suburb of Dublin. It was founded in 1866 and was originally based in a small building in the grounds of Mount Anville Convent. In 1955 a new school was built and the building stayed much the same until 2005 when classrooms were added and an existing seven rooms were extended. In Mount Anville Primary School, we seek to educate the whole person as a responsible member of society: confident of personal worth, actively living out Christ’s call to know and share his love. The school community works together to make this aim a reality. The school fosters an atmosphere of freedom, openness and enquiry. We have a committed staff who implements the Sacred Heart Ethos in every aspect of school life. All children arriving at MAPS bring with them a unique blend and wealth of experience, family relationships and parental aspirations. Our school, a place of growth, does everything to ensure these talents are recognized and developed. The school recognizes the inherent worth, potential and dignity of each pupil. Each child is valued, cared for and respected. We celebrate each child’s uniqueness and difference. Our learning is child- centred and experiential.

What Makes Our School Unique?

Mount Anville Primary School is a very busy school. We engage in many activities which enhance the life of each child in our school. Preparation for the sacraments, Assemblies, and faith formation are an inherent part of our school life. Our Green and Ethos Committees ensure that the children learn the 5 R’s: Respect, Reflect, Rejoice, Relate and Respond. The school community looks outwards with fundraising for charities a regular part of school life. Work, during and after school, on music, drama and art extend our already full curriculum.

Type of school (private, public etc): A public school funded by the Department of Education and Science for both current and capital expenditure.

No. and type of students:

473 girls aged 4 - 13 years

No. of staff:

  • 18 class teachers
  • 5 Special Education teachers
  • 1 Principal
  • 4 Special Needs Assistants
  • 1 secretary
  • 1 cleaner/caretaker

Our Facilities:

We had a large extension built onto the school thanks, in large part, to generous funding from the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Department of Education. The balance of the funding was raised through parental donations, corporate donations and fundraising activities supported by all members of the school community. This €2 million project has greatly enhanced our school. There are 16 large classrooms (each en-suite), 1 multi-purpose room, 1 hall with stage, 1 concourse (Croí na Scoile) and 5 other smaller classrooms; one of which is used as a Library and 4 of which are used for teaching small groups of children with special educational needs. We are also fortunate to have a large play area both in front of and behind the school.

Contact Us:

Principal: Ms. Gráine Mc Gowan

Secretary: Miss Jacinta Quinn

Telephone: 00 353 1 2831148

Email: or

Web: Charity Number: CHY7424