Board of management

About the board

The Board of Management is made up of representatives of the trustees of the school, the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, parents’ representatives, a teachers’ representative, the principal and two members of the wider community.

The board is responsible for the running of the school, the appointment of staff and for the financial management of all department of education grants and parental donations to the school.

Each board serves for a four year term. The parents’ representatives (one father/male guardian and one mother/female guardian) are elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Parents’ Council. At the first meeting of the new board the names of community members who would be willing to serve on the board for the good of the school are proposed and then voted on by the other six members. All members serve in a voluntary capacity.

Members of Board of Management 2019 - 2023

Patron’s nominees:

Ms Michelle Griffin

Ms Cliodhne Hamilton

Parents’ nominees:

Mr Jason Murphy

Ms Jane Golden (Treasurer)

Teachers’ nominee:

Mrs Eda Fagan


Ms Angela Munro

Community representatives:

Ms Caroline Vaughan

Mr Eoin McCarthy