School ethos

  • Mount Anville Primary School is a Catholic School.
  • We promote the love of Jesus in everything we do.
  • In this school we help our pupils reach their personal best.
  • In this school we treat each other fairly and with respect.
  • In this school we care for each other.
  • Our school is a safe and trusting place. We are a "telling" school.
  • As friends - parents, teachers and pupils - we work together to make our school a happy place which allows us to feel good about ourselves.
  • When our pupils leave us, we hope that they have a positive attitude to school and learning which will stay with them through their lives.

School ethos

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The Goal of Character - Information for Parents

This year's goal is Community, in conjunction with a celebration of the life of St. Philippine Duchesne. St. Philippine was a Sacred Heart nun who brought the order to America and spread the love of Jesus across the New World. Her bravery and willingness to cross frontiers are inspirational to us.

We, as a school community, will be placing emphasis on Global Citizenship, as well as continuing our well-established outreach to our more immediate local projects such as The Alice Leahy Trust, Barnardo's, Merchant's Quay etc.

Prayer for Children:

Dear Saint Philippine,

We celebrate your journey to America.

Let me be brave like you,

Let me work hard to make new friends like you.

Oh let me be close to God like you.

And help me to remember to say my prayers always.


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Prayer for Adults:

When we are asked to be bold and courageous,

You are our inspiration.

When our imaginations dream and see beyond the limits of our sight,

You are our hope.

When we fail to meet a challenge and need to accept our limitations,

You are our model.

When we pray with the desire for a deep unity with God,

You are our saint.

And with your blessing, to the greater glory of God, we seek to be loving people who live and serve others with your same purpose, vision and quiet humility.


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The thinking chair

As Part of our ethos goal "Intellect, "we are using a "thinking chair".

The goal of Intellect is a difficult one for children to understand, so our ethos committee worked on simplifying it for them. Our thinking chair explains that no matter how many people sit on it, that they are all good at something e.g. some may be good at art, e.g. art smart, some may be good at maths-maths smart etc. Take some time to read the chair's story!

The thinking chair goes into each of the classes and it allows each of the children time to sit on it and think about what talents they might have.

thinking_chair image

The Thinking Chair's Story

Not so long ago, a wooden chair was sitting, old and dirty, in a basement sale. “Oh dear!” it thought, “this is the end for me, I’m sure to be broken up and thrown on the scrap heap”. It thought about over the years when it had been at the heart of things, owned by so many different and special people.

There was Andy, the musician. Andy could make the most beautiful music. It didn’t matter what instrument he played.

Then there was Ruth, the Mum. She had sat in the chair in the kitchen and rocked her baby to sleep when he had been sick. The chair had felt that special understanding she had had for the baby…how wonderful to be able to comfort another person like that! And what about Paul? The chair had sat at the heart of the house, in Paul’s study, the place where he had done all his thinking, and writing. How amazing to be able to think up such fantastic stories!

Thinking of writing stories reminded the chair of Annie. She had bought the chair when Paul moved away. She had put it beside a big window, where the light was perfect. The chair sat at the heart of the house, bathed in sunshine, as person after person sat while Annie painted their portraits. What a talent!

Then there was Granddad Michael. He had put a big cushion on the chair and put it beside the fire. There he would sit and think for hours at a time. When friends and family came to talk to him or ask for advice, he always had an experience to relate from his own past that helped. He knew himself so well, and knew what was really important.

When Granddad died, he left the chair to his daughter, Mary. Mary took it to her office, because it reminded her of her Dad. She was an accountant, and as she worked, she would pause and smile. She remembered her father patting her head as she sat doing her homework, “That head of yours could work out the longest and most complicated sums in the world” he said, “I don’t know how you do it!”

The chair got old and battered, but Susie, Mary’s daughter, wouldn’t hear of it being thrown out. “That chair has always been at the heart of things,” she said. Please let me keep it!”The chair remembered sitting at Susie’s dressing table, as she got ready to go out. Music would be playing, and every so often, Susie would fly up and spin and dance around her bedroom, lost in the music! What a talented dancer she was! She didn’t even seem to realize how beautifully she moved. Those had been such happy times!

The chair’s legs itched ..woodworm was making little holes all over them. Scratches and stains covered the arms and seat. Who would want the chair now, it thought sadly, wormy and dirty and forgotten. But hold on! Wait a minute! The chair felt someone turn it over and brush down its seat. “I think this is the chair for us” said a voice. “But it’s battered and it’s got woodworm," objected another. “I don’t care. We can make it look good. I bet it has had all kinds of talented and interesting people sitting in it. Perfect for our Thinking Chair.”

The chair was scrubbed and rubbed till it gleamed. A beautiful coat of blue paint with a magical starry pattern was painted over it. There were even sparkly bits! The chair had never looked so good!

“Where to now?” thought the chair. “I look so wonderful I must be going somewhere really special. Oh I hope there are lots more people to sit on me, people with stories and thoughts and talents and gifts that I can share and feel. I do hope I am at the heart of things again one more time.”

The chair was brought on a last journey, and set down gently in a bright space. “Here I am” it thought ”But where is this? I think it’s called Croí na Scoile. But that means . . . .The heart of the school!! Oh I am at the heart of things again at last! And I can already feel that there are lots more stories here about wonderful children, just waiting to be told!”

Goal of social awareness which impels to action

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