Green schools

This year we are working towards getting our fourth green flag on the theme of “travel”. The Travel theme is supported by the Department of Transport and National Transport Authority.

As part of the Action Plan, the school will set our own Travel targets, with the ultimate aim of increasing the number of pupils walking, cycling or using public transport, this will ease congestion by reducing the number of private cars arriving at the school gates.

By promoting sustainable transport modes (walking, cycling, car pooling or public transport), the schools will also improve pupils' safety, health and fitness. The journey to school is an ideal way for children to take part in regular physical activity, to interact with their peers, and to develop the road sense children need as pedestrians and cyclists. The school will also lessen their overall impact on the environment, by reducing emissions and pollution.

This year already we had a “car free day” on September 22nd where we encouraged everyone to walk, scoot or cycle to school. We even organised depots where some people drove a certain distance and all walked together from the depot.

Keep an eye here or in the news and events section for more news on our green activity!


The Green-Schools programme is based on seven steps. These steps are outlined in the chart below. The most important aspect for schools to remember is that every school is different and it is therefore critical that a school fits the seven steps around its circumstances and situation and NOT en steps

One of the key success factors of the Green-Schools programme is that it is a themed programme. That is, schools undertaking the programme work through the seven steps one theme at a time. The themes in sequence are listed below:

  1. Litter & Waste green
  2. Energy
  3. Water
  4. Travel

Therefore, for a school to be working on the energy theme they must have completed the seven steps for litter & waste and achieved their Green-Flag. For a school to be working on water they would have to have gone through the seven steps with energy and renewed their Green-Flag and so on.

The use of themes helps prevent schools from trying to deal with every aspect of their environment at once which could be overwhelming. Furthermore, it allows schools to build on their experience, expertise and best practice as they work from theme to theme. However, as schools work from theme to theme they will realise that there is quite a bit of overlap between the themes (e.g. recycling waste is great way of using less energy and water to produce new products).

A section on Climate Change has also been added here. Although it is not a full theme in itself, looking at climate change, and the assessment of CO2 production in your school in particular, can be a very effective way of linking up and consolidating the work done by schools who have already renewed their flags one or more times.

Green schools image

Climate Change

A number of themes are currently in development and piloting these include:

  • Biodiversity
  • European & Global Citizenship

Walking bus routes

Here are the locations and directions of the walking buses.

Please try your hardest to join in each Friday on these walking buses. "Let your feet do the talking!"


Meet at Lakelands Shops @ 8.40. Cross Upper Kilmacud Rd at the pedestrian crossing. Turn left along road till you come to a lane on the right. Turn down lane, which leads to the top of Rathmore Ave. Walk to the end, where the road meets the Lower Kilmacud Rd. Turn left and cross outside the school with Daphne. If starting in Stillorgan Wood, meet at 8.35 at the entrance. Turn left along Upper Kilmacud Rd till you come to Lakelands turn.


Meet at entrance to estate.Turn right onto Upper Kilmacud Rd Cross the road at Drummartin Link Rd junction.. Turn left down Drummartin Park and continue to the end where the road meets the Lower Kilmacud Rd. Turn right and continue till opposite the school. Cross with Daphne

The Goat

Meet outside the pub at 8.35. Cross at the lights and walk right down the Drummartin Rd till the left turn onto the Lower Kilmacud Rd. Continue till you reach the school.

Stillorgan Decor

Meet outside the shop at 8.35. Turn right along the Lower Kilmacud Rd until you come to the school, taking care when crossing Redesdale Rd.

Mount Merrion

Meet at the roundabout at junction of South Ave and Trees Rd.Walk down South Ave till it meets the Lower Kilmacud Rd at the end. Turn right and continue to school.

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