Hockey coaching takes place each year in Mt Anville Secondary school hockey pitch on Mondays and Tuesdays after school. The children are walked up to pitch on a rota basis organised by the parents’ representative. We commence coaching as soon as they arrive at pitch approximately 2.45 and the sessions are for one hour. Children can be collected by parents at the secondary school at 3.45 this helps to avoid traffic jams in school when the secondary school girls finish at 4.00.

Hockey runs from early September, usually 2nd week back, with usual mid term breaks, until the Monday and Tuesday before 17 March. We train rain or shine so rain gear on wet days please! If you prefer your child not to train you can collect them at school at 2.30. If conditions are very bad we will text parents to cancel sessions.

We take 5th and 6th class but this year (Sept 2010) we are opening up the hockey to 4th class. There is no limit on numbers because we have the required number of coaches to give the children good coaching. The feedback has always been excellent from parents and children participating in this activity.

We have beginners and children who are already playing in hockey clubs so there is not need to worry if your child has never played hockey before. We work on basic skills, holding stick properly, dribbling with ball, pushing, hitting, slapping, tackling etc, always with an element of fun to keep interest levels high during the sessions. We finish each session with a short game of hockey 7 aside. If the children can pick up the basic skills of hockey this can give them confidence when they start secondary school to join the hockey section.

In the present times exercise if so important for children and learning the skills for team work is vital for all age groups.

Hockey gear is available for sale in the school each June but of course can be bought in any sports shop. The rule. NO MOUTHGUARD, NO HOCKEY applies always.

You can register now and we also take registrations in September each year. Total is €140 but only €50 deposit is required in June.