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Together as a whole school, pupils and teachers included we need to come up with an Active School Flag slogan!

We need your help!

Our old slogan for the past while has been “We like to move it move it”

If you have any ideas as a whole class or an individual please write it down and pop it into our slogan suggestion box which is located in Croí Na Scoile!

All suggestions welcome! The ASF Commiittee will have a vote on the best one!

Tag Rugby

4th, 5th and 6th class have been enjoying tag rugby over the past few weeks with the coaches from Leinster Rugby.

The girls have been learning and putting the rules of tag rugby into practice. The girls have learned that the ball cannot be thrown forward in rugby and that you can only be tagged when you have the ball. Being tagged is when a player from the other team pulls the tag off your belt. If your team is tagged six times it means it is a turnover and the other team gets the ball. The aim of the game is to run with the ball and touch it off the other teams try line without being tagged.

It has been tremendous fun learning and playing tag rugby!

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Camogie Final Croke Park 10th June 2019

Writen by Naomi in 5th class

On Monday, 22 girls from 5th and 6th class got up at cock crow to play Presentation Terenure at Croke Park. We were all proud as a team, to have come this far, but the nerves were setting in. The dark clouds were looming but there was still a positive atmosphere in the air. At 9am we set off, face paint on, but no one needed to paint a smile. We sang chants, surrounded by our team mates taking photos. We arrived proudly wearing our purple,navy and yellow Mount Anville jerseys. We were all ecstatic and emotional looking out onto the pitch. Seeing the other teams play before us made us even more excited for the game ahead.

We quickly ate our snack and headed into the changing room. Our amazing coaches Lucy, Ms Healy and Ms Langran and not to forget our inspiring Captain Carrie D. gave us some words of encouragement before the match. They explained that it was a big opportunity to play in a Croke Park Final as a team and that it didn't matter if we won or lost( but of course we knew we were in it for the win!!!) They were great mentors and told us to enjoy it and to just have fun. On the side line we saw the fifth, sixth class and third classes cheering us on which made us feel supported.

The rain and hail was bouncing off our helmets and soaking our hurls, it gave us the adrenaline to keep going. The subs and Mount Anville supporters voices were hoarse chanting on the sideline, although the players were silent in concentration. Throughout the match we were almost always ahead but we were drawing at one stage, the other team were very strong. At half time we were all emotional from the stress of it all but we all knew we were doing well. Our coaches gave us some last words of encouragement before we ran back on. The second half began and we were winning. There were great scores from girls on the team, especially our captain who scored a goal from approximately 30 metres away. There was some great defending by our defence,goalie and everyone played their best.

When the final whistle blew, the players on the pitch didn’t know we had won and when they asked their faces lit up we all were hugging each other it was very emotional. We couldn’t even feel the exhaustion of it all and the wet jerseys that were glued to our backs or the bangs and bruises because we were so joyful. We were presented with our medals. We all collected pieces of grass as a souvenir of the momentous occasion. There were cameras flashing in every direction. We proudly lifted our amazing captain over our shoulders as we raised our cup. The exhaustion started to kick in on the bus ride home but we're still chanting happily for the entire journey back.

When we reached the school, we were honoured to have the whole school cheering us on it felt like floating on air. It was an honour to represent the school in such an amazing way. When we got into the school the teachers kindly got us a large bag of chips to end a momentous day. On behalf of the team we would like to give a huge thank you to Lucy, Ms Langran and Ms Healy for coaching us throughout the year and to Mrs McGowan for giving us such an amazing opportunity to play in Croke Park.


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Santry Athletics

In May we travelled twice to Morton Stadium in Santry to the annual Cumann na mBunscol Athletics competition. Day 1 saw the field events.

Our 60 metre hurdlers were the first to compete. Sophie (U11) showed no nerves in her heat and cruised into the final in first place. The final was a very close affair. Sophie had a little stumble after the first hurdle but got back into her stride quickly. With 10 metres to go, about 6 hurdlers were still in the hunt for the medals having left the rest of the field behind them. When Sophie crossed the line, we weren’t sure if she had come 3rd or 4th, it was such a close finish. The judges’ decision was a 4th place for Sophie – a great result in her first competition for the school. For Rachel (U12) it was the second appearance in Santry after last year when she also competed in the hurdles. She had a good race, showed good technique over the hurdles and finished in 4th place, very close to a place in the final. Michaela (U14) was unlucky in her heat. She twisted her ankle before the first hurdle but never gave up. She closed in on the girls in front of her and worked her way up into 4th place. The important thing is, her ankle was ok.

Our U12 Long Jumper Sienna had a great competition with a new personal best in her 3 jumps. She finished in the unlucky 4th position. Well done, Sienna!

The U11 High Jump was on in the indoor arena while the U14 High Jump was held in the outdoor arena at the same time. Both our competitors, Isabelle and Zoë had a good competition. The standard was high so a PB would have been necessary to get among the medals. They both finished in the top 6.

The 600m race is a tough event with over 35 athletes running in every race. Pacing yourself is the name of the game. Lilly (U11) ran a courageous race. She was leading after 200m, then got passed out by a few runners but stuck with them as long as she could. In the end she had to let them go and crossed the line in 6th position. Maebh (U12) also ran in the top group. She looked relaxed when she passed us about halfway through the race. The pace got faster and faster, she tried to keep up but in her own words “I had nothing left”. In the end it was a top 10 finish, similar to last year in the U11 category. Aisling (U14) was our last competitor in this event. She was a sub last year and wanted to prove herself this year. The pace was very fast. Aisling was in the top 10 from the beginning but eventually had to let some competitors pass. She finished in the top 15, very respectable in such a big field.

Niamh had a long wait for her Shot Put event. She had reached over 8 metres in training so we had high hopes. She was also our last medal hope of the day. Her first Put was a good start but we also saw that the standard was very high this year. Several athletes got over 8 metres in that first round. Niamh’s last try was very powerful and dynamic, her best try. None of us spectators knew the exact distance of all the athletes so we were holding our breath when the judge announced the medal winners. We couldn’t hear anything so had to interpret Niamh’s facial expression. There was a smile from her and a huge cheer from all of us. Bronze for Niamh with a new PB!

Well done and thanks to all our subs who trained just as much as all the girls who got to compete: Alicia, Grace, Mia (all hurdles), Emilia, Nessa, Gemma (all 600m), Lucy, Ellen (high jump), Lucy (long jump) and Rebecca and Laura (shot put).

On day 2 the Track Events, i.e. sprint and relay, took place. The conditions were difficult, there were puddles on the track so aim number 1 was not to slip. After the parade around the stadium and the National Anthem, the competition started with the Sprint events. Our sprinters were: U10: Aisling U11: Susie U12: Clarissa U14: Mia Aisling, Susie and Clarissa all ran a great race and came 4th in their respective heats. Unfortunately only the top two runners from each heat get through to the final so our girls were out. Mia has competed in Santry before so she knows how to deal with the nerves. She ran a brilliant heat and qualified for the final in second place. The standard in the final was very high. Mia stayed with the pack for as long as possible and eventually finished in the top 6 but outside the medals. Great race nonetheless.

The relays are run in the same format: The top 2 teams from each heat go through to the final where 8 teams compete for the medals awarded to the top 4 teams. For the U10-team (Ali, Isabella, Christina, Aoife, Sub. Isabelle and Molly) it was their first running experience in a big stadium. They were very nervous before the start worrying about the baton changeovers and the slippy ground. But they ran a brilliant race in their heat. Ali pulled away from the girls in the lanes right beside her, Isabella flew down the back straight and passed out several runners, Christina increased the advantage and came out of the last bend in 1st place. Aoife defended the lead, she even had time to look back over her shoulder. They were in the final!! In the final we were in lane 1, psychologically a difficult lane for the early runners because it seems all the other teams are ahead of you. All 4 girls ran a great race again, the changeovers were maybe not as crisp as in the heat. Two teams pulled away very early so the race was on for 3rd and 4th place. The team fought very hard but narrowly missed out on a medal crossing the finish line in 5th place. Well done, what an achievement in their first competition!

The U11-team (Susie, Elizabeth, Ríona, Greta, Sub. Naoise) also ran a brilliant race in their heat. Susie had a perfect start and was among the first few runners to hand over the baton. Elizabeth sprinted down the back straight passing out other athletes and handed over the baton cleanly. Ríona had no problems with the tight bend on the inside lane and came out of the bend in 1st place. Greta increased the lead and crossed the line a long way ahead of the rest of the field. Another final for Mt. Anville! The final was similar to the U10-final: our team was in a fight for 3rd and 4th place with 5 other teams but in the end missed out on the medals. They’ll be back next year!

The U12-team (Ellen, Louise, Grace, Sophie, Sub. Grace) did well in their heat. Positions were changing throughout the race, our girls seemed to be in the top 2 most of the way - until the baton fell at one of the changeovers. They reacted quickly, picked up the baton and salvaged a 4th place. An impressive result considering the mishap!

The U14-team (Michaela, Carrie, Kaia, Sophie, Sub. Aisling) were our last hope for a medal but it wasn’t to be. Drawn in the outside lane, they had to run a “blind race”. They fought hard in their heat, had very good changeovers but finished outside the qualifying positions. Well done in their last race at primary school level.

Thanks to all the parents for driving the girls over to Santry and for cheering them on! There were certainly a few sore throats among the fans! Well done to the whole team, you did us proud!

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Orienteering in Ticknock

On June 10th our two 4th classes headed off into the woods of Ticknock in the Dublin Mountains. The have been doing orienteering activities on the school grounds since Junior Infants and were now ready to use their acquired skills on a “real” orienteering course. Coíllte and the Dublin Mountains Partnership have set up Permanent Orienteering Courses (POCs) in various locations in the Dublin Mountains. Anybody can download the maps from the website and get out into nature.

We are very lucky to have so many enthusiastic parents in the school who drove the students up to Ticknock and helped out as marshals. They themselves had to figure out from the map where their marshal points were and after the initial scratching of heads they went off and found their stations. The girls were in teams of 4, each team came up with a team name. Armed with a map and a pen they headed off in 2-minute intervals. 7 teams did the 2.6 km medium course clockwise (visiting the controls in order from 1 to 15) and 7 teams went anti-clockwise (visiting the controls in order from 15 to 1). They showed good map reading skills and great teamwork. Every team finished the course, got all the answers right and, above all, enjoyed being out in the woods.

I’m happy to report that we didn’t lose any children or adults, we all made it back to school safely!!!

Let’s go orienteering: Pick a location, download the POCs maps and answer sheets and off you go!

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Active Flag Playground leaders

Ms Kavanagh Crystal W. + Emma S.
Ms Langran Elisha McD. + Angele K.
Ms Geraghty Zoe C. + Jessica H.D.
Ms McCabe Olivia S. + Renagh Q.
Ms C Travers Rose C. + Sarah May C.
Ms Kerr Olivia McE. + Anna K.
Ms Callinan Anna McD. + Lily M.
Ms Sorohan/Mrs Faulkner Amelia O’D. + Annie McA.
Ms Kennedy Erin B. + Abbie McA.
Ms Ryan Amelia M. + Clodagh S.
Mrs Leonard Luciana B. + Sarah D.
Ms Noronha Sophie B. + Zara M.
Mrs G/Mrs Markey Aisling O’D. +Elaine McS.
Ms Waldron Ali McG. + Annabel W.
Mrs Kerrigan Elena K. + Isabel O’C.
Mrs Lawlor Ava S. + Rebecca McD.
Mrs M Travers Tara M. + Eliza L.
Ms Munro Clarissa B. + Holly H.