Life Story of St. Philippine Duchesne

On November 18th we celebrated the bi-centenary St. Philippine Duchesne by planting an oak tree in the grounds of the school. At our school assembly we learned about her life and how much influence she had on the whole society of the Sacred Heart all over the world.

Rose Philippine was born in Grenoble, France in 1769.

She always wanted to become a nun but her family were not happy about that. When she was 19 she became a Sacred Heart nun and worked alongside Sr. Madeleine Sophie Barat; the foundress of the order.

Rose Philippine really wanted to teach people about the love of Jesus so when the opportunity arose for her to travel to America to teach the native Americans about God she begged to be let go.

It wasn’t easy to travel to America – she couldn’t just jump on an aeroplane – she had to travel by ship and the journey took a long time with horrible conditions – rough seas, terrible food and even pirates.

When Rose Philippine arrived in America she set up a convent in St. Charles – in New Orleans. She set up a convent but it was hard to live there.

She then set up a school for Native American children. The native Americans loved Rose Philippine but as she was unable to speak their language she found it difficult. She prayed all the time and the Potawatomi Indians called her “the woman who prays always”. They used to kiss the hem of her habit; the long dress she wore.

Rose Philippine died on November 18th, 1852 She is remembered for her courage, vision and generosity. With an open heart she faced and overcame difficulties in order to bring the love of Christ to those that did not know it.

Rose Philippine Duchesne was made a saint in 1988.

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Posted by Graine McGowan on Dec 04, 2017