Lunchbox Waste Exposé

Have a look at some photos taken on our Lunchbox Waste Exposé Day

We found that as a school we are generating a lot of unnecessary waste and we really would like to try and reduce this!

Some tips for reducing lunchbox waste

  • Swap cling film for compostable material such as greaseproof paper
  • Swap single serve sizes with lots of packaging for buying in bulk and using small reusable containers for yoghurt, cheese and crackers or other snack items (it’s cheaper too!)
  • Swap sugary drinks for water (in your refillable bottle)
  • Swap plastic sandwich bags for paper bags, or reusable sandwich containers
  • Swap paper napkins for cloth napkins
  • Swap plastic cutlery for reusable cutlery
  • Swap take away paper coffee cups for your own mug
  • Carefully monitor the amount of food you pack for lunch – unopened pre-packaged foods like single serves and halfempty boxed drinks are often throw away.

Posted by Green Committee on Nov 08, 2017