Bushfire Emergency Fundraiser

I have been asked by the Parents' Council to run a small fundraiser in aid of the World Wildlife Fund to help them in their efforts to save wildlife and when the fires have cleared to restore the lost forests in Australia. So far it is estimated that about 12 million hectares of Australian land has been burned. While homes, trees and and burns so too does the wildlife. It is believed that around 1.25 billion animals have been killed across Australia to date with many more injured and homeless.

While I realise that there always demands on you I would ask that you support our non-uniform day on February 14th, the day we break for mid-term.

Each child is being asked to donate 2 euro or 5 euro per family (if there are three girls in the school). The girls may wear their ordinary clothes, instead of their uniform, on that date.

For further details on the charity copy and paste this url into your browser. I cannot get the link to open on its own!