Cake sale

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The fundraising committee is planning to hold the next Cake Sale on Friday 10th November. In addition, with your help, we hope to run a big raffle on this day too.

This time we plan on selling the raffle tickets from Wednesday 8th through to the Friday 10th, Cake Sale day, which hopefully will enable parents to buy tickets for the raffle even if they cannot attend the cake sale. We plan on selling the tickets at 8.50am drop off time. Tickets can also be bought as usual during the cake sale.

We are asking for donations from parents for prizes for the raffle. Perhaps you may have unwanted Gifts that you would be happy to donate! Or maybe have a business and would like to donate a voucher for same. All donations will be very gratefully accepted. Please leave any donations/vouchers to Ms Jacinta on or before 9th November.

We will also, as usual, be serving teas/coffees from 9-11 on the morning of the cake sale and look forward to seeing you there!