Communication with the school

Our method of communication with parents includes the following

  • Aladdin Connect
  • Homework notebooks
  • Website -
  • Notices in classroom windows
  • Meetings, AGM, Parent/Teacher etc

Please don’t forget that communication is a two way process and we welcome any input or queries that you might have. Please remember to read all information and retain any that you will need for the year.

Please keep an eye on your child’s school bag as it might contain notes for parents. The school also uses “Text-a-Parent” to remind parents of events or to inform them of emergency closures etc. Please ensure that the school has one current mobile phone contact at all times for “Text-a-Parent”. If you change that number please inform the school secretary immediately.

Please do not hesitate to approach the teacher if you are anxious about some issue relating to your child. However, if you wish a more detailed discussion please arrange a convenient time in advance e.g. telephone the secretary or send in a note.

Communications Policy for Mount Anville Primary School | Download