Drop off and collection of your child

Opening Times

The school doors open at 8:50a.m. for all students and they are supervised until class starts at 9:10a.m.
Teachers do not accept responsibility before 8:50a.m. Your daughter should not come to school before 8:50a.m. (unless she is attending Breakfast Club, as she is not covered by the school’s insurance. Breakfast Club is in operation from 8:00a.m. to 8:50a.m. daily.

Classes start at 9:10a.m. Please try to avoid unnecessary disruption of classes after this time.

Latecomers - If your daughter has a medical appointment early in the morning she will be still marked present if she is in school before 10.45a.m. However, it is preferable that medical appointments are made for outside school hours. Any child arriving after 10.45a.m. will be marked absent.

Please note that children may not cycle or scoot within the school boundaries but we would love to see them cycling or scooting to school. Remember to wear a helmet!

Home Time

At 1:00pm the infants will go home through their classroom door. The children will be in a line/or at their tables so I would appreciate it if you wait until your child comes to the door rather than calling him/her from the back. This way the teacher can be sure that each child is in safe hands.

At 2.30 pm classes from 1st to 6th finish.

PLEASE collect your daughter on time. If, on a rare occasion you are running late, please ring the school. Please remind your daughter that she should wait in the place you normally collect her until you arrive. Once the other children have all left she should then re-enter the school and wait in the front hall (at the black chairs) until she is collected. If you see a child who has not been collected, please DO NOT take her home with you without telling her class teacher first. You might think you are helping but if a parent then arrives at the school and we don’t know where the child has gone it can cause unnecessary panic!

If there are any changes to your emergency contact details during the year, please advise Miss Jacinta secretarymaps@gmail.com.


There are two breaks during the normal school day. A short break from 10:50a.m. to 11:00a.m. and a longer break from 12:30p.m. to 1:00p.m.