Garda vetting

As you know we are hugely dependent on parents to give lifts/get involved in the school e.g. Credit Union, Library, camogie, football, school trips and various events during the year. Parents are always so accommodating and we couldn’t manage without this help. If you are likely to offer help or give a lift at any time during the year you must be Garda Vetted.

Once you have been vetted it remains valid for three years. If you have not been vetted (for Mt Anville PS specifically) please complete a form and return it to Ms Jacinta along with two forms of ID (one of which must have a photograph). If you’re not sure if you’ve been vetted for the school already, check with the class teacher - she will know. Once you’ve completed the form check your emails regularly as you will receive an email from the Garda Vetting Bureau requesting you to complete an on-line form within 30 days. If you let this link expire you will have to start the process all over again.