Children are covered by Alliance insurance for any accidents that happen at any time 24/7. The €8 for this policy is part of their obligatory extras. Parents just need to get the form from our school's Secretary Miss Jacinta and fill in the details. Ms McGowan will then sign the form to confirm that they are enrolled and that they have paid for the insurance.

In the past the school’s accident policy covered for the children to attend the VHI Swift Care Clinic. However this facility is now only available to those families who have VHI health insurance. This change is due to a change in VHI’s policy, not the school’s insurance policy. Full details of what is covered on your daughter’s Personal Accident Policy are available on

The school opens at 8.50a.m. for all students. Your daughter should not come to school before that time (unless she is attending Breakfast Club) as she is not covered by the school’s insurance.

Tree Climbing

We have some intrepid adventurers in the school, but unfortunately for safety reasons we cannot allow the children to climb the trees or the school walls. Please ensure that they don’t.