Sick at School

If my child gets sick in school:

  • If the principal feels that the child is sick enough to go home, she, or the secretary will phone a parent (usually the mother) and request that the child be collected.

  • While waiting for collection the child will return to her classroom.

  • If it is not possible to contact either parent the person listed on the emergency form will be contacted.

  • If your child has a toileting accident in school she will be given a change of clothes. Please wash them and return them to the school as soon as possible.

If my child is sick and cannot attend school:

  • Please phone the office and advise the secretary that she is sick and will not be in school.

  • Do not send your child back to school if she is still ill and/or is still infectious.

  • When she is well enough to return to school please write a note in her journal (1st – 6th class) advising the teacher as to why she has been absent. Parents of infants should write a note for the teacher.