Special Education

Our Special Education Team is a very valuable resource in the school. It is made up of five full time teachers (Mrs Fagan, Mrs Phelan, Ms Munro, Mrs Naughton, Ms Daly) and three SNAs (Mrs Kirwan, Mrs Tobin, Mrs Fallon). Children with particular difficulties are taught in small groups, in a one-to-one setting or in a class group with two teachers working in the classroom. The SEN teachers also work in the infant classes alongside the infant teachers teaching Ready Set Go Maths - working with equipment and practical resources to learn.

Our three SNAs work with children with special care needs. They build up a wonderful relationship with the children in their care. They also take children who might have difficulty with muscle tone and work with them doing fun activities such as cutting, márla, colouring etc. The children love to have these sessions.

We are currently creating a Seomra Ciúin (Quiet Room) - somewhere children who need a little “time out” can go - the SEN team have really enjoyed getting this room ready. We are also working on a Sensory Garden in the front yard which all children, but especially those with sensory needs, can enjoy. Sincere thanks to Rosemary, Don and Jimmy for all their work in this regard.